Our Core Values

We Value Evangelism

  • We will seek to be faithful in the handing out of tracts and literature that proclaim the written word of God, as well as speaking the Gospel to the lost everywhere we encounter them.
  • It is important to us that members of this church seek to be a part of the community of Chestertown and the surrounding areas, that they seek to love and minister to the people who live here.  This involves but is not limited to community activities where appropriate and the opening of our homes with the purpose and intent on bringing the gospel through relationship.
  • The leadership and members will seek to regularly and consistently equip and encourage others to do the work of evangelism.  This will be primarily accomplished through preaching, teaching, and example.

We Value Discipleship

  • We will seek to regularly equip and encourage our members for the work of discipleship, through age appropriate instruction and making materials and resources available to them.We believe that the primary role of the church in discipleship is to equip and encourage, and that the command is for individuals to do the work of discipleship.  The church is comprised of both families and individuals, therefore we shall seek to equip each person for the work of discipleship within their scope of influence.
  • We  are commanded by Christ make disciples as we are going, and to baptize and teach them to observe His commands.  We will strongly encourage those who have made profession in Christ, to publicly profess Him through baptism within the local body, and to teach them to conform their lives to Christ through obedience to all of His commands.

We Value Community

  • We will seek to encourage regular fellowship with other believers, both corporately and individually, both inside and outside the church.We will seek to encourage members of the church to be in community together for the purpose of both fellowship, and accountability to walk in righteousness.
  • We  will seek to meet the needs of other believers and unbelievers both physically and spiritually when we are able, using and exercising our spiritual gifts and the talents and abilities that God has given us.

 We Value Worship

  • We were created to worship but in order for our worship to be acceptable to God, it must be according to His Word, therefore the Bible will be at the center of our worship, both corporately and privately.
  • We believe that all members should be both actively and consistently involved in attending and participating in corporate worship times, activities, and fellowships of the church.
  • In our worship service we will seek to sing both hymns and modern songs that are biblical, reverent, uplifting, encouraging, and relevant to our members.

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